First Thursday Club, 9th June – sponsored by Pegasus Group

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Terms & Conditions



Your First Thursday Club membership is active from date of purchase and will expire 12 months thereafter.

Memberships are for an individual and are non-transferable. Colleagues are not able to attend in your place and must be registered as a guest. However, memberships can be officially transferred if requested by email to

Companies can have unlimited memberships.


Your First Thursday Club membership will entitle you to attend 11 events per year which includes lunch and a complimentary drink. We take a break in August.

As a member, you will be able to invite a maximum of 3 guests per event, at a fee. They must be registered through the website in advance. The name and spelling of the name that you register will be used to create their badge.

You will need to register both yours and your guests attendance each month in order to have a name badge on the day and be granted access.

Registration and ticket purchasing closes 24 hours before each event. Thereafter, names badges and attendee lists will be produced.

Members and guests who aren’t on the attendee list will not be granted access to the event on the day.

If you no longer wish to attend an event, please email

Online ticket purchasing

Your tickets can be purchased online when signing into the First Thursday Club website with your unique membership login details.

You will need to select a member ticket for yourself, priced at £0.

If purchasing guest tickets, please ensure you fill out the details carefully as this is what will be on the guest name badge.

Guest tickets are non-refundable.

If you need to change a name on the guest ticket, please email

Code of Conduct

The goal of the First Thursday Club is to provide an environment for likeminded business individuals to develop professional relationships and to explore new business opportunities. Our objective is to assist with the growth of our members business networking and professional capabilities.

All Members attending First Thursday Club events are guided by a code of conduct and ethics which supports our business interactions.

  1. Members will always observe the highest principles of honesty, courteously and fair practice towards other attendees of our events.
  2. Members will attend meetings for the purpose of conducting business relevant to their full-time field, and will exemplify high standards of professional behaviour in their field of work.
  3. Members will treat all information concerning the business affairs of other members, gathered during our events, as strictly confidential.
  4. We don’t allow participation of Multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, such as pyramid selling, network marketing and referral marketing, and all similar programs where the revenue of the MLM Company is derived from a non-salaried workforce, also called participants, distributors, promoters or independent business owners, etc. 

Acceptance of this Code is mandatory for all members attending any meetings conducted by the First Thursday Club. Failure to abide by the Code will result in expulsion from the club.